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Can we Save Our environment this Diwali

Firecrackers banned in India

Can we Save Our Environment this Diwali?

May This Diwali comes without the usage of firecrackers because of the government’s influence. But I am just saying why liberals or other community members always raise their voice against pollution only when Hindu Festivals are started? — Not very appropriate in my opinion.
“Before talking about Environment; Talk About Animal Rights. Stop killing animals on basis of religions.”
Can you do this? At least we celebrate Diwali on a single day of the year with Firecrackers. Before talking about Our festivals; Talk about the traffic on the city roads with abundant vehicles. We all realized that somedays after lockdown “how the environment was healed and the air was clean and pure. But after lockdown; Environment went back to its usual damaged state as the public started the vehicle rush on the roads. So how can you blame our festivals? Kindly stop that fake secularism as we don’t want any religious controversy.
Our Central Government shows their thoughts like they really care about the environment but for real, please stop blame games and Start playing pubg { just kidding, All I’m trying to say is just stop the bias and start finding solutions.  I have one solution if you like that then share it on your social handles. I observed in the past months of 2020. Remember the first lockdown of 2020 in April month; How our environment started fixing its damaged parts and the sky was looking so beautiful and fascinating in most of the polluted states. So why don’t we try to give any single day in a week to the Environment for its healing?} is this illogical for you?
Yeah I have a complete solution for our Environment’s safety
Therefore I only presented a hint. If you want to know the complete solution then comment there; I will post all details about my solution. 
“May This Diwali get your wishes Blessed By Lord Ram Happy Diwali.”



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